Month: July 2017

Make it Pretty

  Several years ago I received a comment about my work that really stuck with me. Mainly because it reminded me of those back-handed compliments Old Hollywood stars, and genteel southern ladies are notorious for making. The only difference is, this was made by the head of my University’s Art

Confessions to my side piece…

I wouldn’t typically do this… I mean grand gestures, flash dance mobs, and airing my dirty laundry in public isn’t really my go to move, but in this situation I feel it’s necessary. I know our relationship is new, but I really see this going somewhere…so I want to be

Things I learned on a liquid diet

3 things I learned this week

Proud Supporter of…

  Happy (belated) Fourth of July! To everyone in the US, I hope you enjoyed the day with lots of friends, fireworks, and fun (see what I did there?). If you’re not in the US, then I hope you still enjoyed your day, most likely minus the fireworks and red,

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