Artist Bio

Lily Curley is a mixed-media artist and creator of the brand ‘Adventures In Lilyland’. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and three cats.
As a child, Lily’s mother, a self-taught ceramic artist, encouraged her creativity from an early age. Though her family frequently moved for her father’s position in the USAF, every home had a creative space. Her interest and experimentation with many art mediums began in their at-home studios. 
In 2011 Lily graduated from Marymount University in Arlington, Va. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art/ Pre- Art Therapy. In college, she refined her skills in figure drawing, painting, design, and color theory. Her remaining curriculum focused on an interest in psychology and counseling.
Lily’s portfolio includes digital, collage, large scale immersive, and collaborative public art. Her work is often inspired by personal experience, the world around her, and a desire to combine art and advocacy. Her love of experimentation fuels her passion for many art mediums. Despite this, her preference for vivid colors, textures, and immersive details travel throughout.
Companies that have featured Lily’s artwork include- Pentalic Art Supply, American Women Artists Association, Spectra Art Gallery, Twin Flame Productions, Vital You, and Do303.
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Immersive art in ’Spookadelia’ at Spectra Art Gallery (Denver, Co.)
Sustainable Fashion at Twin Flame Productions (Los Angeles, Ca.)
On all platforms @AdventuresinLilyland