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Come see my work at the RAWArtists Exhibition ‘Envision‘ on January 24, 2018 at Howard Theater

Get Tickets Here!

My name is Lily Curley, and I’m an aspiring artist currently in Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington DC. I love sharing my work, and hope you enjoy my little corner of the world!

My artwork is created using watercolor, graphite, and collage techniques.
Each piece is created using layers of color and blending of mediums. I love pairing clean lines and shading with more fluid, messy splashes of color.

When I create my work, I hope to provoke feelings of whimsy, lightheartedness, and laughter. I find the creative process to be therapeutic, and use my work to address topics, both big and small, with humor and colorful imagery.  I enjoy pairing macabre images, humor, playful characters, and humorous text, with soft pastels or bright colors. Current events, media, important art movements such as Bohemianism, Art Nouveau, and Lowbrow Surrealism, word play,  and my own personal experiences and interests, are some of the topics that most influence my work!

I have collaborated with other artists in D.C. events such as Art All Night 2016, Artomatic in 2017. My images have also been featured on social media platforms by art supply companies such as Pentalic. Most recently, in November 2017, Two of my paintings were featured in SMYAL’s Annual Fall Brunch and Silent Auction.

Currently I am working on several commissions, preparing for RAWartist’s DC show in January 2018, and hoping to collaborate with contemporary art galleries in 2018.

If you are interested purchasing some of my work, displaying my art in your establishment, or commissioning a particular image special to you, please contact me anytime by email at lilyland.adventures@gmail.com

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